Group sessions

These group sessions are offered on an “accessible to all” basis, at a venue to be advised by myself (minimum 5 people) or in the form of a closed seminar, in the form of weekly sessions of one hour thirty minutes, or half-day sessions, according to the needs and constraints of the participants.

Closed seminars can be organized in a wide range of settings including offices, community groups, schools, maternity units, universities, and hospices.


There are two options:

  • Whether the group wants to use Sophrology for a better well being, for general uses,
  • Whether the group has got a specific topic it wants to work on.

 If there is no specific theme, I will use general techniques including « Dynamic Relaxation »: a mixture of dynamic and static exercises, alternating sitting down and standing up. The group’s evolution will be guided and monitored throughout the year and is designed to develop ones own abilities towards more harmony, serenity and inner peace. The duration of a session is one hour thirty minutes.

 If the workshop focuses on a particular theme such as stress management, a specific number of sessions (e.g. 10 sessions for stress management) will be held and determined in function of the outlined needs. Part of the session will be recorded for practice in between sessions. Easy to put into practice daily exercises will also be sent by email to the participants.

Examples of thematic workshops, which can be created and made available on request or on my initiative, based on half day session or one hour per week:

Workshop at your home (minimum 4 people)
You can create your own workshop with friends, neighbors, family, choosing your specific topic, to enjoy a moment of conviviality and well being with each other (Free of charge for the person hosting the workshop).

Joy“Exam prepping” workshops to optimize the workload of preparing for exams/competitions (concentration, memorizing, speaking in public) creating a positive outlook, stress free, allowing you to perform to your true ability.

Workshops to support motherhood and parenthood allow to prepare the body and mind towards an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation: prepare for and accept body transformation, manage daily pregnancy discomforts and questions related to childbirth itself, strengthen the bond and communication between the mother and her child. These workshops are complementary to the childbirth classes offered by your midwife.

Stress management workshops, to learn how to curb anxiety, control ones physical reactions, learn how to « breathe » literally and figuratively, take a step back from the situation experienced as being stressful, rediscover the pleasure of sleep.

Workshops to increase self-confidence, using exercises to help participants to free the mind, eliminate muscle tension and get away from ones usual thinking pattern by being very much present in ones body. These workshops are designed, for example, for people who are struggling to speak in public.

Creativity workshops, to stimulate creativity while learning to manage stage fright during auditions and performances, strengthen control of movement (music, painting, sculpture, dance) and “integration of the body awareness” into a role by optimizing the physical and emotional expression, enhance text learning by optimizing memory skills.

The sports workshops, to improve alertness and concentration, strengthen the mental preparation before the competition and increase performance, strengthen and boost the potential and self-confidence, manage the competition stress, awareness of the body, learn techniques to increase the precision of movement and posture, improve physical recovery between each challenge.

The geriatrics workshops, to develop a positive outlook on this new phase, and better manage the concentration and memory difficulties faced by the elderly, by stimulating cognitive abilities.