About Sophrosan

Sophrosan was created by Laurence Haffmans, a sophrologist-relaxologist and certified membre of the Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT).

The vocation of Sophrosan is to help you lead your life mindfully and in serenity.
Sophrosan is unique as it offers you, thanks to Laurence’s expertise, a simple method using relaxation, sophrology as well as playful sophrology and the practice of mindfulness.

Meeting Laurence

“I was introduced to Sophrology following the death of my mother (cancer) in 2010. Sophrology proved to be a wonderful tool. Through Sophrology, I realized that we should not long for one moment of great happiness, or one exceptional event. However, happiness lies in these everyday moments spent with family, friends, enjoying the beauty of nature, a simple bike ride…

All is here, within reach. To paraphrase Sophrologist Gérard Thouraille, I started to “live my life, thinking less about how to live it.” Nothing around me had changed, only my way of looking at things has; a realization that happiness is within me.
I created Sophrosan in order to help people better manage the various stages, whether happy or trying moments, of their live,. Deep inside, I have always wanted to work in a caring environment. Today I have the opportunity to be in accord with my values.
Through personal development, I use several complementary approaches, which constitute my method, which I adapt according to each individual, each session. “

Laurence Haffmans, , sophrologist-relaxologist

Professional experience

Sophrologist practitioner and relaxologist .

  • Certified by the School of Applied Sophrology (E.S.S.A.) in Paris, 2 years initial training followed by a third specialization year in Existential Sophrology
  • Specialized in sleep problems, tinnitus/hyperacousis, burnout (pre and post), perinatal (fertility, pregnancy, parenthood)
  • Trained on playful Sophrology pedagogy by Claudia et Ricardo Lopez, founders of Playful Sophrology
  • Meditation and Mindfulness practice with Ciska Matthes (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme: MBSR; 8 week initiation programme)
  • Active member of the French Sophrology Society