Project Description

Exam preparation

Each year, primary school, high school and college students are confronted with exam stress, either for written exams where they must face a blank page or an oral exam in front of a jury.

This stress can be qualified as “good” when it is synonymous with positive and stimulating energy, making one willing to take on the challenge in front of them. Thankfully it is the case for many candidates who have enough confidence to mobilize the necessary capacities to get through this stress inducing events.

Unfortunately we are not all equal, and for others these exams can be the source of so-called “negative” stress, often leading to troubles such as:

  • digestive problems: pain, colic, diarrhea
  • nervous problems: migraines, irritability, angst, sleeping troubles, tiredness, memory loss
  • skin problems: eczema, dermatitis

Finally, others are confronted with a total loss of motivation and total apathy. These exams are going to require them to give the best of themselves.

How can sophrology help?

It helps by taking a step back from the event, to approach it serenely while at the same time mobilizing the action and concentration capacities.


Sophrology is a very interesting tool for exam preparation. For this reason more and more high schools offer sophrology sessions, especially for students in their final year of high school to prepare, for example, their final exams.  The same goes for both college and university students.

Numerous techniques can be used, some of which are similar to those used by people that do sports at a competitive level.

Some techniques are:

  • conscious breathing which brings back calmness and helps one manage stress,
  • synchronised breathing to activate and diffuse confidence and the necessary capacities for success,
  • displacement of negativity to reduce both psychological and physical tensions,
  • activation of vital energy for candidates who lack energy,
  • concentration on a neutral object replaced over the sessions by the exams in question for candidates with concentration problems,
  • work on the will with the Vittoz method for those who face difficulty with revisions,
  • dynamic relaxation to project oneself into action,
  • the trigger signal allowing one to come back to calmness on D-day thanks to a gesture learnt and practised during sessions,
  • future programming : the candidate visualizes oneself in a very positive way taking the exam and can thus approach it serenely in reality,
  • the sophro Schultz technique in order to improve the quality of one’s sleep.


The movements, exercises and techniques taught during sessions are simple and can be rehearsed alone at home. The idea is to head towards the student’s autonomy so that he can be the main actor in their exam preparations.


5 sessions minimum, obviously depending on the student’s issues, motivation, and practice.

During the first session, the sophrologist will discuss with the person the exact goal. Let’s of course keep in mind that each person is unique and each approach is evidently going to be customised.

The sophrology sessions generally take place once a week. It’s also recommended to practice the exercises at home in order to optimize the results.

For more information regarding the procedure of each individual session, please click on the link here.

For more information regarding fees, please click on the link here.

Please remember that these sessions should not replace any other sessions or treatment you may be following elsewhere, for example with your medical practitioner or psychiatrist.