Project Description

 Personal development 

Every Monday morning, Laurence organises a collective sophrology session for Amsterdam Accueil. These sessions are part of a self-development process. Do not hesitate to contact her for further information.

Self-help or personal development (PD) lies on self-fulfillment, a quest for authenticity which allows, according to Christophe André who is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, «to explore new existential dimensions which are not necessarily tackled in academic therapies ».

Any individual who would like to:

  • gain physical, emotional and/or relational greater well-being,
  • fulfil oneself,
  • develop self-knowledge and self-assertiveness,
  • enhance self-esteem,
  • increase one’s talents and potentials,
  • improve one’s quality of life.

Sophrology, is also called « school of the positive ». It takes its roots in positive psychology and develops in this quest for inner balance. The sophrologist will only guide the person by the use of several different techniques. The aim is to get the patient to draw from his own resources, practice will be crucial.

Techniques :

Several techniques are interesting to explore. Each individual is unique, the sophrologist will adapt sessions according to each individual and their own personal background.

Here are some examples of techniques:

  • conscious breathing (abdominal, thoracic, full) in order for the person to become aware of the ability to control their breathing,
  • the 12 Dynamic Relaxations,
  • relaxation (Jacobson, Schultz) in order to help one to let go,
  • synchronised breathing to activate positivity and energy, and to work, for instance, on the chosen capabilities or qualities,
  • positive visualizations to increase self-confidence for example, as well as confidence in one’s potential, and confidence in life.

Expectations :

Movements, exercises, techniques taught during the sessions are simple and can be rehearsed at home. The idea is that the person should be a real actor in this work on oneself.


Sessions can be individual or collective. Usually, they are generally held once a week for better results.

These sessions have to be attended for a certain period of time and will be part of a new healthy life, a new philosophy of life.

For more information regarding the procedure of each individual session, please click on the link here.

For more information regarding fees, please click on the link  here.

Please remember that these sessions should not replace any other sessions or treatment you may be following elsewhere, for example with your medical practitioner or psychiatrist.