A typical one-to-one session usually lasts one hour, and includes three steps:

  • A preliminary interview: between you and the Sophrologist to discuss your specific needs and concerns, and to define your individual program. You agree on a goal, which, at your request, may change during the course of the sessions.
    This dialogue is also meant to provide feedback on what has happened in between sessions.
  • Mental and physical exercises: breathing exercises, relaxation, playful sophrology complemented by a specific Sophrology technique, depending on your initial goal, your current state of mind.

In Sophrology, the point is to recapture a state of relaxation, at the same time conscious of your thoughts. Therefore, each session begins with a relaxation exercise, performed sitting or standing, whereby Laurence invites you to relax your body and mind completely. She completes the session with moments of meditation / concentration which may be combined with gentle movements, so that you become much more aware of your body and mind.

As a Sophrologist, Laurence tries to highlight and extract all the positive aspects of your past, present and future to restore your feeling of well-being and inner peace.

  • Feedback time: Laurence invites you to share, if you wish to do so, the feelings and the physical sensations you may have experienced during the session.

Please note that all sessions are performed in a caring and non-judgmental listening environment.

Laurence also invites you to keep a diary. This book materializes your goals and will be the witness of your progression and achievements.

Throughout the sessions, you will work along with the sophrologist, towards your set goals.

It is possible to record the sessions, so that you can practice at home in between the sessions and master the basic techniques. The idea is to really head towards autonomy.

The number of sessions will be different according to each person. It will depend on the complexity of your issue, and your personal commitment in practice. However, Sophrology is a short-term therapy and uses protocols and techniques that require a recommended minimum commitment of five weeks sessions.[:][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_contain