The Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT)

The International Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT) course qualifies to give mindful training (also known as Mindfulness) to children/young people using the Eline Snel method (‘Mindfulness Matters!’)

The Sophrology Academy

The very first training centre in the UK teaching Sophrology

Ecole Supérieure de Sophrologie Appliquée d’Ile-de-France (E.S.S.A)

One of the leading Parisian Schools of Sophrology.

Syndicat des sophrologues Professionnels (S.S.P.)

French Association for Professional Sophrologists, a guardian of ethics, quality and professionalism in the Sophrology world.

Société Française de sophrologie (S.F.S.)

French Sophrology Society, aims at giving professional information and promoting Sophrology.

Adrian Kuipers

He started his career as a creative graphic designer and currently works independently as a photographer for international creative agencies, magazines, and retail companies and also for charity organisations like Orange Babies. He showed his work from New York to Namibia.

Orange Babies

Charity organization, which helps pregnant women with HIV and their babies in Africa.[:][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_contain