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What is Sophrology?


The word Sophrology is based on the Greek words:

SOS: harmony, serenity  PHREN: consciousness  LOGOS: science, study




Professor Caycedo, neuro-psychiatrist, created Sophrology in 1960 while practicing medicine at the University of Madrid, Spain. His experience as a psychiatrist inspired him to study human consciousness and find new, gentle therapeutic ways to help his patients confronted with their sufferings in post-war Spain in their daily lives. Alfonso Caycedo named his method ‘Sophrology’ and called it ‘a training of the consciousness and the values of existence’ or ‘Health & Happiness Training’.

Sophrology started with clinical hypnosis and uses a combination of Western relaxation techniques (Jacobson’s progressive relaxation, Schultz’s autogenic training), Oriental techniques (Yoga, Zen and Buddhism) and phenomenology.

This combined physical and mental exercises technique, promotes the well-being and harmony through awareness of the relationship between Body and Mind, and allows you to control the balance between these two elements by being more aware of and discovering your inner resources and strengths.

Between Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, Sophrology is a structured method which gives you a very practical set of tools using relaxation and breathing techniques, concentration, positive visualization and gentle body movements (performed standing up and some sitting down) to build one’s self-confidence, to effectively manage stress and to develop a positive attitude.

Throughout the sessions, you will learn the key techniques to incorporate into your daily routine, a sort of « toolbox ». You will quickly see the effects of your workouts: better management 
of stressful situations, improved performances.

It is important to understand that relaxation is one of the tools we use in Sophrology, and NOT the goal. The goal is the conquest of the harmony of being, of existential plenitude, aiming at an alert mind in a relaxed body.

Sophrology therapy is practiced individually or in groups, standing, sitting or lying down.

Everyone can benefit from Sophrology. The method suits all ages and abilities, it is very adaptable – no matter what your health condition, physical or emotional ability Sophrology can work for you.

Sophrology requires no special outfits, equipment or knowledge.

Sophrologists are subject to the Sophrologists’ Professional Code of Ethics which guarantees the confidentiality of all information exchanged during the exercise of their profession.